Our services

VEGE products reach the automotive aftermarket through a variety of  distribution channels;

Wholesalers – Importers – Garages- Motor Factors – Engine Rebuilders – Buying Groups, more recently specialist Engine E-commerce shops;  the list grows all the time. Wherever you source your VEGE product the guarantee is the same. The after-sales service is support by VEGE and you have ‘peace of mind’ that our technical team are there to assist in the unlikely event that you will need them.

The ECO alternative to new

Worldwide, governments, companies and the general public have justifiably become increasingly about the environment. For too many years industry had shown insufficient concern about the release of harmful gasses and the depletion of natural resources. However, through its activities, products, and services VEGE is playing a highly significant role in dealing responsibly with our natural environment.

At VEGE, everything is based on recycling or reusing materials. Existing products form the basis of VEGE’s activities and it is precisely this focus on existing materials that enables VEGE to limit its demands on natural resources such as energy and raw materials. VEGE’s production process is also characterized by its highly responsible approach to its work. Decades ago VEGE had already started avoiding the use of chemicals for cleaning old products wherever possible. Instead, thermal cleaning ovens are at the heart of VEGE’s production process, keeping the use of chemicals to an absolute minimum.

Research and Development

VEGE prides itself on its engineering process. Continuing investment in the latest engineering technology ensures that VEGE can maintain a quality product that exceeds customer expectations. Many of our machines have been designed and developed by VEGE and are unique in the remanufacturing world. A current example of VEGE’s attention to Research & Development and its response to requests from the market is the addition of remanufactured turbochargers to the product range. In this way, VEGE is responding to the constantly growing demand for petrol and diesel engines to be fitted with a turbocharger.